Commercial/Home Inspections

A.S.H.I. Certified #2120

Construction Draw Inspections
  • Inspections performed during process of construction
  • Consulting services during new construction, additions & refurbishing homes
Insurance Investigative Engineering
  • Working with adjusters & insurance companies-investigation of claims
  • Expert testimony
Interior Inspections
  • Foundation – walls, floors, crawl spaces, garages, ventilation and materials
  • Plumbing -water & disposal lines, water pressure, hot water heater, hot water temperature, plumbing vents, fixtures & drains, shut off valves (main & fixture)
  • Heating – type, BTU rating, fuel, air distribution, controls, shut off valves, solid fuel installations (fireplaces, wood stoves, etc.)
  • Cooling – type, size, operation (when temperature permits), controls
  • Electrical – type, size of main service, polarity, grounds, G.F.C.I., disconnect
  • Wood Framing – roof joists, wall studs, roof framing (where access permits), stairs, handrails, doors
  • Attic – type of insulations, R – Rating, ventilations, exhaust vents, water penetration
  • Interior Rooms- Individually evaluated, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors
Exterior Inspections
  • Roofs – type, materials, flashings, vent pipes, chimneys, gutters, down spouts, soffit & fascia
  • Remaining Exterior Items – siding, trim, windows, doors, caulking, driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, decks, stoops, lighting, grading & drainage from home
Wood Boring Insect Inspections – PA State License #BU2923
  • Pennsylvania State Licensed
  • Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powder Post Beetles
Radon Testing – PA State License #0330
  • DEP licensed, EPA certified
  • Continuous Radon Monitor (short term)
  • Alpha-Track (long Term)
Well Flow Tests
  • Well Flow Test (includes Bacteriological Analysis)
  • Well Chlorination (includes Bacteriological Analysis)
  • Acute Testing FHA – Nitrate, Lead and Bacteria
Dye Tests
  • Septic Dye Test
  • Storm Drain Dye Test

Virtual Home Inspection